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Online dating - have you tried it? My experiences with it have been a rickety ride. 

Having been in and out of relationships quite swiftly one after another for the past ten years, I’ve never really had to “look” as such. Splitting up with my last boyfriend about 9 months ago kinda left me unsatisfied with myself and I suppose I was looking to regain my confidence and also get over him. Still unsatisfied with the random smooches I was getting on (drunken) nights out, I decided to read up on “the best” dating sites in hope to meet some new people. 

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So instead of normal nail varnish, I’ve invested in using gel and a UV lamp. There are many benefits, here are my main reasons for choosing gel over nail polish:

1. They last much longer - 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how you’re using your hands and also how precise your application is.

2. Nails stay shiny throughout, and you don’t get those ugly print marks if you don’t let your regular nail polish dry for enough time.

3. Once they are cured under UV, they’re done and you don’t have to worry about using your hands or smudging!

4. The gels never get tacky/sticky over time like normal polish, so bottles last forever. Also because of this, if you make a mistake on your nail, it’s easy to just wipe off and start again.

The gels I use are from the Jessica Geleration range which cost £13.99 per bottle online. There are lots of other options! The UV lamp can cost anything from £50 upwards.

So, it might seem quite expensive at first, but it is a great investment that will save you money in the long run!

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Have a great week!

Luella B.

I’m officially plastic.. Part 4

As you can imagine, I dived back into work and have been busy busy, hence the delay in writing the last part of my story! :) This part is about the reactions I’ve had and how I feel about having had my surgery now. 

I was very apprehensive when coming back to work as I was still very swollen and I wasn’t so confident with how I looked just yet. Also, I never know how people would react when I mention plastic surgery.

People at work were very encouraging though and definitely helped me gain confidence in my new appearance. I didn’t know who knew or who didn’t, but it seemed like the majority of the 50-strong company knew and asked how I was feeling, how my eyes were and if I was happy. They all said that my eyes looked great, how natural they looked and how good a job Dr Wu did. I felt the love when I got back, which is more than I could have asked for and definitely settled any nerves I had. 


last Thursday (second day back at work)

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I’m officially plastic.. Part 3

Laying under that big surgical lamp, shaking with fear, the nurses literally pounced on me and shoved needles and pumped local anaesthetic in 8 different places around my eyelids. Bloody painful!! That was the most intense pain I’ve ever felt ever and was the most painful part of the whole thing! Felt my eyes and face swell up and go a little numb. 

Dr Woffles Wu then performed the procedure, asking me to open/close my eyes a few times during. Didn’t feel much but some tugging and pulling. What I could hear, though, was the grossest sound ever. It makes me shudder thinking about it. Yuck! Sounded like scratchy scissors cutting into foam or sponge. The doctor and nurses said that I have so much fat in my eyelids, it was even unusual to them and they have done so many Chinese eyes.

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I’m officially plastic.. Part 2

Ugh, I cringe when I see the picture of my eyes without make-up in my last post. I don’t like the way my eyes looked bare at all. Despite that I didn’t like my naked eyes, if asked what I’d change about myself if I could. I would always say nothing. Perhaps with thought, I would have said “Would have liked bigger boobs. But don’t think I’d go under the knife.” So you’d understand the surprise when I announced a few weeks before my surgery, as we were preparing for a friend’s wedding in Spain, that these will be the last pictures of me looking like I did. 

At first, the reaction was pretty much resounding “But why?!”, whoever I told.. boys, girls, best friends who’ve known me years, new friends, exes…They all proceded to say “But you’re gorgeous! You shouldn’t.” Explaining that my vision was not as it should be helped them understand why I needed or wanted to do this. I’ve had amazing support from them all and tonnes of well wishes and really, knowing they were backing me helped me through while I lay under that strange bright light. 

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I’m officially plastic.. Part 1

I am now controversial and have been under the knife. This may come as a bit of a shock to some of you, especially those who know me. Don’t worry, it had been an impending thing and was not done on a whim! 

A few years ago, my optician told me that I wasn’t seeing half of what a normal person with double eyelids would be seeing and it was going to get worse as I get older and my eyelids start to droop. I looked into it for a while, but then parked the idea because I could deal with the way I looked and was content enough with my vision.

Since, I have noticed my eyesight getting slightly worse and more tiring to keep focused. Although, that’s not the only reason I decided on surgery, it does play a big part. I was frustrated with having to put make-up on to go out, even for a run, because I didn’t like my eyes without the dark “paint” around them..behold, you’ll agree when you see the (never before seen) picture without make-up! I was also tired of putting the same style of make-up I’d been putting on for the last 14 years, because it’s the only way I can get my eyes to look the way I am happy with.


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My 2012 in pictures.

My 2012 in pictures.


The last year has been an eventful one for me. I have so much to be grateful for this year and lots to strive towards next year. In this post, I am goin to scribble down my reflections on the year that’s zoomed past and the one that is quickly approaching.

Instead of making this one long and wordy post, I’m going to split it into categories and lists. These aren’t at all in order of timeframe or of importance.

1. Gayle and I dancing in the Ashley Centre whIle supposedly working.
2. Speed walking at the London Olympics and the hilarious photos that came from it.
3. Standing in the cold and rain, by the River Thames, waiting for the Queen to pass by on her boat, but only to find out she was actually alighting her grand boat about 100m upstream.
4. Being invited for an interview for a recruitment consultant position then telling them that actually, I can’t see myself doing this.
5. Receiving an offer for the job that took my life to a completely different level.
6. Going for a cheeky McDonalds nugget happy meal after working the night with Uncle Gary at a charity event.
7. Staying at the G Hotel in Penang and going for the cheapest massage I’ve had, but one of the best - I’ll be back next year!
8. Getting my nails done in Snails, Mandarin Gallery, in Singapore as my nails.. this was an experience unlike any manicure I’ve had!
9. Meeting one of my online friends in real life in Singapore.
10. Dancing all night at the Bed Bar in Reading.
11. The most amazing dim sum at Min Jiang - Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington.
12. Walking through the Natural History Museum and every floor of Harrods - spending the most time admiring the architecture and the toy department. And having massive ice cream sundaes at Morelli’s!
13. Making great first impressions by seriously getting my left and right muddled!
14. Having my hair done at Toni & Guy for the Christmas Party and having to comb out the backcomb the day after.
15. David completely off his face - air-guitaring and then trying to be my agony aunt, so he felt better, I think!
16. Lou and Tim dressed as Wally at Wendy’s birthday bash and becoming Andres’ make-up artist for the night - that was so much fun.
17. Walking the very high bridge between the trees at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore and looking down at the beautiful cityscape.
18. Seeing the Red Arrows fly by at Windsor Long Walk for the Queen’s Jubilee with red, blue and white smoke and waving our flags at the Jubilee parade by Buckingham Palace.
19. Seeing Princess Margaret’s doll house.. OMG! It’s almost as big as my actual house!
20. Scraping my knee pretty badly doing a push up on one of our active lunchtime sessions - haha!
21. Starting a tumblr blog with a couple of other fashionista friends.
22. Worship Central at Earls Court - partying like God intended us to!
23. A swan leisurely sat in the middle of the road as the cars swerved around it - only in Henley do you find diva swans.
24. Watching Adi and Sarah swim a mile at Eton Dorney lake, pizza and a long but very enjoyable conversation.
25. Baking..lots of it! I discovered my love for baking this year and have continued to explore my abilities in the kitchen and it has been a stressful at times, but mostly fun process!
26. Broccoli and peas - two-weeks of crash dieting definitely paid off in the end.
27. Being propositioned by the owner of Toni & Guy Ascot…flattered, but no thank you.
28. Impulse buying my Michael Kors bag when I had turned others down for being too expensive at a fraction of the cost.
29. Chris needing to be rescued from a bush with a huge gash in his knee.
30. Driving Will around when his car broke and when he was drunk. Great combination of excuses, right? I also remember him sleep talking and snoring.

1. Going into Armani to be told that a size 12 would be too big for me.
2. Getting my Mulberry Roxanne (my first dream bags) in April.
3. Getting a job in a wonderful company where I’ve met some friends I’ll hold onto for life, doing things I’m qualified to do and loving every minute of it.
4. Receiving a dozen beautiful red roses on Valentine’s Day.
5. Being piggybacked through a squelchy and muddy path resulting in mud-caked shoes!
6. Watching the Olympic cycling event in front of Harrods.
7. Christmas shopping spree at Westfield with great girls.
8. A very important lunch date and a spot of afternoon tea at Windsor Castle, but with someone a lot younger than the Queen. Seeing a hundred swans in one condensed area was a vision as was my date with my pink camera!
9. Work Christmas celebration at Ascot Racecourse - the ever-flowing jagerbombs, drinks vouchers and dancing on the stage until we got kicked off.
10. Sitting in the shelter of a bus stop listening to the sound of rain gently hitting the leaves.
11. Stephen saying that I had the nicest dress at the Christmas party. Well done, Armani.
12. Wendy’s 30th Birthday party - any excuse to get all dolled up as a WAG.
13. Booking the holiday to Malta and telling Wendy about her present.
14. Cheeky emails especially when I dressed up for a client meeting.
15. The hot chocolate at Will’s nana’s house. Amazing.
16. Being told my cheesecake is the best by several people, asked for the recipe and offered to be paid to make a whole one for someone.
17. Mum’s face when I placed the huge Mulberry giftbag on her lap and then her face when she pulled the Bayswater out!
18. Discovering a new Brazilian BBQ restaurant. And devouring a whole rack of ribs the length of my forearm.. yum!
19. My first hangover at 27 and it lasted a week!
20. David opening his secret santa gift.
21. Neale and Lou teaching me how to juggle three balls.. HAHA!
22. The food consumption of the studio in general.
23. Wayne, our Christmas tree.
24. Seeing old friends I’ve not seen in a long time again and catching up over delicious dinners.
25. My Michael Kors watch and my PANDORA bracelet. Love.

I WISH I DIDN’T (to learn from for next year)
1. Get on the coach to the Madjeski Hotel from Ascot Racecourse after all that drink.. WORST decision ever made.
2. Leave my camera at Cabana, meaning I didn’t have it for all of the Christmas festivities!
3. Put so much expenditure on credit.
4. Worry as much and let God’s plans play out.

IN 2013, I WILL
1. Try my best to get to and stay Victoria Secret size.
2. Continue to be carefree.
3. Explore more of the world.
4. Show more love to more people.

So it’s been a great year full of exploration, seeking and finding. I’m welcoming 2013 with happiness and optimism. There are lots of things learnt in 2012 that I will definitely carry through and a few things that I’ll leave behind. Whatever is in store this year, I know it’ll be an epic adventure and I’m very excited!

Here’s to the best year so far!

Luella B.

So this Christmas has been dragged out over the course of the month and I’m not complaining. It’s definitely my favourite time of year. The big kid in me comes out and I get so excited. Here are my highlights!

1. Dancing on stage until security told us to get off and getting completely wasted at Outbound’s Christmas party on 7 jagerbombs and more. And then being hung over for a whole week after!

2. Christmas Carol Service by candle light at HTB with a couple of really close friends and my family.

3. Secret Santa - David got a vampire cape and bat to add to his wardrobe with love from me.

4. Christmas dinner at the New Inn with some of my favourite people from work! It was a 4-hour feeding fest (one course per hour!).

5. Putting our tree, Wayne up and decorating him with gingham and spotty ribbons!

6. Christmas shopping trip to Westfield on a Monday! Eating LOTS of yummy food and shopping til we dropped - no girl could ask for more!

7. Christmas bake sale at Outbound. I now know that I can have a career in cheesecake baking if I ever decide it’s time for a change. Loved that someone asked how much it would cost for a whole cheesecake.

8. Treating my family to a surprise Christmas lunch at one of our favourite fine dining restaurants! I love making them happy. :D

9. Food shopping in Costco, Tesco AND Waitrose - all in one day!

10. Putting all our presents under the tree!

11. Getting to leave work at 11:30 on Christmas Eve!

12. Christmas Eve dinner with friends we’ve known forever. Delicious curries, prawns, coconut rice and the most delicate and flavoursome macarons were served. And winning the game of Empires!

13. Singing carols at church on Christmas Day.

14. My mum’s face when she opens her eyes and there is a massive Mulberry paperbag tied with a gigantic bow on her lap. Priceless!

Lastly, cooking Christmas dinner while everyone napped. I love love love cooking Christmas dinner. I had a couple of stressful moments because there was just so much to do. But, they all soon woke up and helped peel and prep the veggies and just in time to receive Will’s call all the way from Vietnam. My family and I speaking to him for an hour and a half, it was almost as if he was there. Us teasing him with mince pies and him distracting me from my cooking - my parsnips were over boiled! Haha, but definitely made my day an even more fantastic one. :D

Christmas dinner went down extremely well. Turkey was perfectly moist with the skin being crisp. The gravy was one of the highlights. I didn’t get as stressed as I did last year (my first year of cooking this) and seemed to have improved in management overall. And even though dinner was a little late at 9:30, I’m really proud of myself! Haha! And my sisters have said that they’re bringing their families round to mine every Christmas for dinner..oh dear..

This Christmas has been a particularly wonderful one and I’m so thankful for everything and everyone who has made it so.

Luella B.

Christmas Jumper Day!
Yesterday was a chance to wear our favourite Christmas jumper into work. I didn&#8217;t have one until last weekend when my mum let my sisters and I open one of our Christmas presents early. 
This gorgeous Nordic knit cardigan is from Superdry and it&#8217;s current season, so go out there and get yourself one! There are a few designs available. These are sure to get you in the festive spirit and keep you warm!
Jumper: SuperdryJeans: Allsaints SpitalfieldsBoots: also Allsaints 
&lt;3Luella B. 

Christmas Jumper Day!

Yesterday was a chance to wear our favourite Christmas jumper into work. I didn’t have one until last weekend when my mum let my sisters and I open one of our Christmas presents early. 

This gorgeous Nordic knit cardigan is from Superdry and it’s current season, so go out there and get yourself one! There are a few designs available. These are sure to get you in the festive spirit and keep you warm!

Jumper: Superdry
Jeans: Allsaints Spitalfields
Boots: also Allsaints 

Luella B.